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Protection – What happens if I die or fall ill?

Managing your assets is only one side of the coin. Thinking of those worst case scenarios may not be pleasant; however, burying your head in the sand could lay ruin to all of your careful planning should the worst happen. Ensuring the right levels of protection for your assets and your loved ones can therefore be a vital part of your holistic plan.

One thing people delay considering is – what happens if I fall ill or die? While we don’t really want to contemplate it, life is full of uncertainties and unfortunately some of these can harm or even ruin you or your estate financially. That’s why ensuring you having the right protection (insurance) policies in place is so important.

We offer a protection advisory service, helping you to protect your family and your home. This includes Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax planning, as well as life, illness and loss of income cover. We can assess suitable protection and make recommendations in isolation or as part of your overall financial planning strategy.

We are skilled at understanding medical underwriting thresholds, identifying providers best suited to a clients’ circumstances, and creating an overall package to fit the budget. In a price-sensitive business, life insurance premiums have generally fallen over time; our advisers can review client’s older policies for value and appropriateness

Given your protection needs may vary over time and with changes in circumstance, contact us today and arrange a review of your existing policies.


Business protection – Planning for the unexpected will give you the support you need when you need it the most

If you are a business owner, have you considered the impact of your death or illness on the future success of the firm? What if a key member of staff falls ill and profits fall as a result? Protecting your business is a crucial part of making sure it has the best chance of success. Ensuring that the business can continue in the absence of key individuals, or that the ownership of the business passes efficiently on death of a shareholder can ensure that cash flow is not disrupted at what will inevitably already be a traumatic time