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Personal tax planning to efficiently manage your finances

Are you a high net worth individual or high earner, looking for a complete picture of your tax situation? Do you want advice on the best way to structure and manage your affairs, to ensure you’re making the most of your allowances and using tax efficient vehicles to reduce your overall tax bill? We provide professional, pro-active advice on personal tax planning and financial management to help wealthy individuals manage and their mitigate their tax liabilities.

We begin with an analysis of your personal tax affairs, taking into account your individual circumstances to ensure you meet your regulatory compliance requirements. We’ll recommend ways to reduce your liability to income, capital gains and inheritance tax – we’ll even file your personal tax return on your behalf.

If you have already appointed a specialist tax accountant but would like a full view of your tax liabilities in terms of your pensions and investments we can work alongside your existing adviser. Contact us today to arrange a free one hour consultation.

I’d like to understand different tax schemes

There is always a lot of information in the media and social circles about innovative schemes and investment opportunities to mitigate tax. From film partnerships and other Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) to Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs).

Unfortunately it often seems that just as a new opportunity arises another is shut down by HMRC. We have strong relationships with specialist providers to ensure we are kept up to date with new opportunities, as well as the associated risks. We tread carefully and only make recommendations if we believe a scheme is totally suited to your individual situation and implemented as part of your overall strategy. We don’t believe in ‘putting all of your eggs in one basket’ and would never recommend a scheme in isolation.

“I’ve really appreciated the robust approach the team at Fish Saltushave adopted to reduce my tax bill each year, as well as the long-term estate planning which will benefit all of my family”

Mr R. Taylor, Farnham

What about Inheritance Tax planning?

You work hard your entire life. You have children and upon your death, without careful planning, your estate could be hit with a 40% tax bill. How can you protect your assets and the money you’ve worked hard for?

We provide advice across your entire situation, including how to structure your affairs to substantially reduce, or even avoid, inheritance tax. We will review all of your investments and asset holdings then recommend a tax efficient strategy to reduce any inheritance tax liabilities.

Inheritance Tax guide download >

Do you provide Trust advice and planning?

Often clients have been advised to set-up a trust to mitigate tax and efficiently pass their wealth onto future generations. Unfortunately not all trusts are designed with the beneficiary in mind. First and foremost they are used as a vehicle to shelter from tax. This often means the investment selection is limited or treated as an after-thought.

We don’t believe in ‘letting the tax tail wag the investment dog’. Tax planning should be considered as part of your overall investment strategy. The Trusts we establish provide access to a broad range of asset classes, which means you not only gain from the positive tax implications but also from the performance and growth of your portfolio. Our partnerships with other professionals can also help you to prepare or update your will – ensuring your personal objectives are met in the most tax-efficient way.

Given your circumstances are likely to change over time, contact us today to arrange a review of your existing trust arrangements to ensure they continue to meet your needs.