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Lifetime Cashflow Management – How much is enough?

We spend our lives working hard and trying to get ahead. Rarely do we stop, take stock, and consider ‘how soon can I stop doing what I have to do and start doing what I want to do?’ and ‘how much is enough?’. Our Voyant Lifetime Cashflow Management service sits at the forefront of our planning process. By plotting the various inflows and outflows over your lifetime, we can provide visibility and clarity on how decisions taken today can affect your future.

Why use Lifetime Cashflow Planning?

Do you know if you are on-track to achieve your longer term financial goals? Like many, you’re not alone if you don’t. Many people do not have a longer term financial strategy in place. Others have a goal, but have no ability to assess the likelihood of it being achieved.

Without some form of strategy in place, it can be difficult to arrive at your destination or make sensible financial decision’s along the way about critical issues such as:

  • The optimal time to retire
  • The level of risk to take on pensions and investments (why take excess risk, when you may not need to)
  • When to realise value from a business
  • Whether you can afford a large capital expenditure in the future (e.g. University fees, Holiday home)

We can help you to answer many of these questions and plan efficiently for your future. Once we have established your current financial position, we can start to identify if you are on target to reach your goals, and importantly establish any shortfalls or critical pressure points that would derail them, we can then decide how best to allocate assets to keep your plan on course. Inevitably, life will include some unexpected events, so we set regular reviews as part of our on-going service, which are essential to keep you on track.


Cashflow planning aims to:

  • Provide you with clarity on your current situation and a valuable long term perspective
  • Demonstrate the extent to which short and long term financial goals can be achieved.
  • Clearly show the impact of ‘what if?’ scenarios, such as inflation and growth rates, and variables such as what age to retire and when to sell a business.
  • Better inform you about the impact of decisions such as retiring a couple of years early or downsizing a property.
  • Help you stay in control of your financial future, assessing the impact of unexpected change on an ongoing basis.
  • Bringing together tax and investment planning to ensure that assets, liabilities and income are structured and distributed in the most tax efficient way.

In essence, cashflow modelling provides you with a view of your financial outlook. This can help you make important decisions about your future. For example, whether you can afford that large capital expenditure, whether you can support private education for your children, when to sell a business, when and how to gift assets to your family and crucially how all these might impact on your own financial well-being. Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate cash flow modelling.

Download Fish Saltus ‘s Guide to Cashflow Modelling here.

“The team at Fish Saltushave helped me see a way forward. They’ve created a focused and consolidated retirement strategy, so I better understand when I can afford to work less and sail more”

James Llewelyn, Solicitor

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