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Personal, Family and Mortgage Cover Tailored For People Living With Diabetes

If you have a condition like diabetes, it can be difficult to find life insurance that matches your needs and budget.

The good news is that some providers have introduced products that are specifically tailored for people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. These could give you the cover you need to help protect your family and your mortgage.

Make sure your protection is a good fit by contacting Karley Howe, Farnham-based Fish Saltus ‘s dedicated Protection Specialist – Please call 01252 931265 or  complete our short enquiry form.

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Relevant cover

Hats off to the Taxman

Relevant Cover for Small Business Owners – The smarter way to buy life cover for yourself and you key employees.

With a relevant life policy the business makes the payments, not the person who’s covered. That means you won’t pay any national insurance contributions or income tax on the premiums but you still get the benefits of corporation tax relief.

Download our mini-guide here and, to discuss how Relevant Cover can work for you and your business, please contact our Farnham-based team today!

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Considering own mortality

Life insurance protection

COVID-19 pandemic outbreak causing many of us to think about our own mortality

The terrifying daily death tolls resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak may be causing many of us to think about our own mortality, particularly if we’re responsible for a family or business loans. Increasingly we’re having to think about things we haven’t thought about before – including the unthinkable.

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Make sure you have the right insurance cover to protect you and your family

Protect the things that really matter

Choosing the right type of cover in case the unexpected happens

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has exposed – or more accurately, underlined – the importance of life insurance. It’s understandable that we would rather not think of the time when we’re no longer around. But it’s important to protect the things that really matter – like our loved ones, home and lifestyle – in case the unexpected happens.

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How secure is the future of your family or business?

Projecting ourselves into the future to see what’s around the next bend is not an easy thing to do

Given the current situation during this difficult and unsettling time with coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important to think about how secure the future of your family or business would be in the event that you were no longer around.

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Life Assurance to protect your family

Life insurance

Providing a financial safety net for your loved ones

Your wealth should work in all the ways you want it to. Whatever your goals are in life, careful planning and successful investing of your wealth can help you get there. Whatever stage of life you’re at, we’ll help navigate you through the opportunities and challenges you may face.Read more…
Life insurance options

Life insurance options


When it comes to your life insurance, you’ve got options

If you want to continue to make sure your family are looked in the event of your premature death, then you should consider your life insurance options. Life is complicated and can be unpredictable, so it’s important that you assess which different types of life insurance match your requirements.Read more…