Retire Early

After 30 years building a career and commuting to and from London, I wanted to take stock of my financial affairs. I was looking for a plan that would give me more career flexibility and choice in my 50s and at retirement.

I wanted to better understand: How much is enough? Is phased retirement a viable option? When can I start planning more sailing trips?

I sought advice from the team at Fish Saltus , who have managed my pension for a number of years.

They explained the Fish Lifestyle Planning process and how they could use detailed income and expenditure analysis to ascertain exactly where I was heading and what I needed to do to meet my retirement goals.

“The team at Fish Saltushave helped me see a way forward. They’ve created a focused and consolidated retirement strategy, so I better understand when I can afford to work less and sail more”

James Llewelyn, Solicitor

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