I’d always been interested in investments, although I was looking for a solution that would enable me to diversify my portfolio and take advantage of specific opportunities – without ‘betting the farm’.

I wanted to provide input on specific asset classes, although knowing life can often get too busy, I needed to trust my portfolio would be managed expertly.

Mark has advised me for over 9 years. From the outset he has impressed me with his genuine enthusiasm, as well as his understanding and clear communication of the analytical risks and rewards of investment.

Using the Fish Investment Process, Mark advised me to consolidate my pension and investments into a single strategy, with the flexibility to invest in both core and non-traditional asset classes.

“One of the biggest changes since switching to Fish Saltushas been the level of reporting and reviews we receive – I really feel involved in the process of monitoring my investments and finally I understand why we make changes. It’s just refreshing to be part of the team”

Stephen Walker, Senior Captain, Virgin Airlines

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