Active Management

I’m a sophisticated investor, yet despite my best intentions I could never find the time to review my pensions on a regular basis. My four policies were with different providers and had limited fund choice.

I was looking for a cohesive strategy that with exposure to a broad range of investments, that was actively managed and would give me back control.

I contacted Ian, who I’ve known for over 20 years, and asked his advice.

He explained how the Fish Investment Process could help me take back control. They could consolidate my pensions into a single coordinated strategy, actively managed, with exposure to a broad range of investments (including commodities like grains and energy).

“As a sophisticated investor I’ve always managed my own affairs, never wanting to hand over control. Fish Saltusenable me to have as much or as little input as I have time for and I can monitor my investments online 24/7”

David Evans, City Trader

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