Regain Control.

My pensions and investments were scattered all over the place — literally a big box of letters, files and statements. I didn’t know where I stood, how my investments were performing or even what I was paying in fees.

I realised that unless I took control of my finances, my goal of retiring early and moving to Cyprus would remain an unattainable dream.

I’m now invested in a Fish managed portfolio, optimised to make the most of all available tax relief. I have online access to my account 24×7 and receive quarterly jargon-free performance updates, so I always know exactly where I stand.

I take comfort in the fact that I’m on track to meet my financial goals and I’ve finally managed to get rid of the ‘box’. Not only have I done away with complicated statements and paperwork, I’ve saved in fees, and on top of everything I’ve seen my investments grow by 26% – amazing in one of the most difficult economic times on record.

“Ian and the team at Fish Saltus-Thank You. You’ve given me back control. I’m no longer drowning in paperwork and I have peace of mind knowing my investments are being looked after” Sean Saint-Smith, Commerzbank

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